July 14, 2024

During a recent Destiny 2 Livestream, Bungie showed off a new lost sector in the European Dead Zone called “The Weep.”

While The Weep isn’t the longest or most difficult Lost Sector that we’ve seen to date, it does have a unique secret. Located near the end of the path is what appears to be an entrance into The Weep’s lost section.

Whats a lost sector in destiny 2

In Destiny 2, Lost Sectors are dungeons filled with enemies and a boss. Each has its own name, and often some sort of reward for completing it. For example, in the EDZ you’ll complete the ‘The Weep’ lost sector to receive an exotic engram. You can return to lost sectors even after you’ve completed them so you can finish off whatever challenges are still active.

Unlike traditional raids, however, losing all your lives in lost sectors is not the end of the world. If you die during a lost sector run, your fireteam will simply be returned to orbit where they can restart the activity without any penalty. That said, if you’re looking for a challenge, you can always visit one of Destiny 2’s more difficult challenging lost sectors.

What is Trostland

Trustland is a location on Earth in the European Dead Zone. It’s an outdoor area with some buildings and forested areas, so it feels like a mix of Cosmodrome and EDZ terrain. It’s located near the south of the map, just northwest of The Sludge where you can find some enemies to fight.

Trostland is a perfect example of Destiny 2’s new open-world PvP mechanic. You can visit and explore the location without any trouble, but if you want to earn tokens for the weekly Crucible playlist, you’re going to have to drop your inhibitions and fight other players.

How to find the Lost Section Location in Trostland

You’ll find the entrance to The Weep’s lost section is located near the end of the path before you enter the building. Unfortunately, Bungie didn’t show how it activated this secret area during their live stream; they only showed off its contents.

The most likely solution would be that players with certain key items (a consumable or specific quest item) can activate the entrance. If you’ve run other lost sectors or dungeons in Destiny 2, you are likely familiar with how this works. It looks like The Weep’s secret area is fairly small but filled with enemies and loot chests; perfect for grinding out tokens if you’re trying to farm for a good roll.

The rewards for finding the lost section location in Trostland

You’ll get an exotic engram for completing the lost section, which seems to be fairly easy and quick to clear. The Weep’s secret area is fairly small and should only last a few minutes if you’re really looking to just rush through it quickly.

Tips for locating the lost section location in Trostland

Trostland is a good spot to farm for tokens if you want to make sure you get your weekly Crucible rewards done quickly. If you’re looking for the lost section, the entrance seems to be near the end of the path, before you reach the building. You may need specific key items or quest steps in order to enter the entrance; this is still unclear.


That’s all there is to know about Destiny 2’s lost section location in Trostland. If you have any more tips or details, let us know in the comments!

If you’re looking for more information on other locations, collectibles and secrets, check out our Destiny 2 Wiki Guide for all the stats and details on Bungie’s shooter.

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